package for you.

12 Nov

this was the night when i got his bag delivered all the way from USA.
it came in a pretty huge box so it’s hard to smuggle out of the house so i just told the folks i got it for a friend.
this was also way before they got to know him formally.

 i remembered the determination to find a source that would actually send all the way from USA to here.
i remembered not sleeping till like 5am because i wanted him to get the bag so badly.
the bag was a nixon and they didn’t sell the model in singapore yet. It would cost twice the price by then.

so i had to create a singpost address in USA, Europe and Japan so they can ship it there before shipping it over to here.
clever, isn’t it?
but looking back, i can’t believe i did so much for him.

we kind of got into a fight because i met a male classmate who just happened to book out and was still in uniform.
he hung up, of course, upon hearing it.
but every couple fight and there has to be a reason and some forgiveness  to make it alright.
i don’t want to lie to him, even though i could possibly save him from anger boiling deep inside him.
i did, however, know that it made him mad and therefore i apologize, even when i saw no wrong in hanging out with a friend.
who happens to have a girl that he is interested in, by the way.

it got better, thankfully.
but i think there will definitely be more to come.


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