death in the family.

3 Nov

My uncle passed away two days ago.
I was a little taken back since  he just got out of a hospital.
He was married to the family. His wife passed away quite recently too.
Now my cousins are orphans but at least they have each other.

The girl is getting married next year.
I will not speak ill of the dead.
Therefore I will remember him as when I was still young.
When they were still living merely a walking distance from us.

He likes to smoke from a pipe and I got used to the smoky smell.
We would always come to the house for raya and see the big pond filled with big fishes.
He used to take out the fish for fun and let the little ones touch it before putting it back in.
I was worried that the fish would die but it didn’t.

The house had a rocking chair that overlooks the garden outside.
The wife was short, shorter than me even because she had a hunchback due to a childhood incident.
But she was one of the best cook the family had and she never fail to smile and make you happy.
She was the closest to my late granny whom I adore dearly.

may you rest in peace, amin.


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