the greatest.

28 Oct

I agree that being in a relationship ain’t easy.
The head rush of  diving into one is exciting.
The blood pumps harder in your veins.
Your pulse quickens and your heart beats faster.

You have that elevated feeling you can’t yet explain.
But you feel it deep inside you.
As if your feet is lifted from the grounds.
You feel like you’re flying, invincible and gloriously happy.

That time will pass.
You have another person to take care of other than yourself.
The hours you spend would be divided into two.
Your bones will be tired, your head would be dizzy, your pockets would be empty.

Did I not mention jealousy and rage?
Insensitivity, dishonesty, lying and cheating?
Did I not mention the nights you would spend pondering over worried thoughts?
These nights you would cry yourself to sleep and only hope of dreamless dreams.

So why, you ask yourself, would God grant me love when these feelings exist?
Why would He make a strong man crippled due to a broken heart?
Why would He make an independent woman dependent on her man?
Why would He make them be lesser than what they are as individuals?

A psychologist would say, “humans are not made to live alone”
A realist would say,”it’s only a natural thing to do”
But I agree with the romantic when he exclaimed, “when the heart beats, it beats for another”

Relationships can make or break you.
It can bring out the best in yourself.
It would push you over the boundaries.
Love has no hate in religion, race, gender or age.

It can conquer fear and even the coldest of hearts.
You would do anything, give anything, be anything for that person.
No amount of gold and rubies could suffice the loss of a loved one.
No sea nor river could hold the amount of tears cried over a loved one.

Love deeply for even when it pains you.
Love, rather than not have been loved by at all.
But love Him, for he is the one that has brought you to this world.
To be able to feel His wonders and His creations.

written by amirah abdollah



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