Dating 101

23 Oct

You know when you start dating and there is this 101 things you want to find out about this person.
What he likes, what is his hobbies, his favourite places to eat, favourite movies etc.

And yet, there are still many characteristics that can be said lies in many women and men.


  • Show consideration when a woman wears high heels. Nothing is worse than walking through the entire stretch of town and back in them.
  • Do not make empty promises. If you think you cannot do it, don’t bother saying it because A WOMAN REMEMBERS. And if you do not fulfill it, we will always remember that you are full.of.shit.
  • Shower with compliment. We women love to be the center of your attention.
  • If you do look at any other women, we would know. Call it a woman’s intuition but we would know.
  • Lastly, never take us for granted.
  • Over centuries, women have turn independent and does not need men to help them do their things. However, in dating retrospective, we still love it when there is someone who towers over us and protect us. We would become a little clingy and dependent on you. When we stop caring, you should start worrying.
  • We have selective memories. For example, I cannot remember what movie my bf and I watch last week but I can remember the exact clothing we both wore. That means women can also recall the promises you made and the things you said.
  • We like to compete. Some more subtly. We do not like it when a girl has nicer legs or her hair is always in place or her personality shines better than us. Why do you think women wants to be complimented by you? We need to know you appreciate us because we put in so much effort (and love) in dressing up and cooking for you. FOR YOU.
    We want to be the best. And of course, in your eyes.
  • I don’t show my possessiveness but I do not like it when I see a girl I do not know (being properly introduce by) being super-friendly with my bf. When a woman starts to be jealous and bitch rant, the man should probably listen and wait until it is over or try to calm her down. ps, never side with the other woman.
  • Women are not always open about their minds. They want men to be able to read their moves and body movements. I know it seems a lot to ask since most men are clueless but ever wonder why we went quiet and when you ask why we said nothing’s wrong? It definitely mean something is wrong and therefore we would appreciate if you quickly rack your brain and find that one thing you said an hour earlier that probably stab a knife through our heart.

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