Singaporean Son

10 Oct

I woke up early one Saturday morning and rushed out for my classmates’ POP
Or better known as passing out parade.
I had to ask enough time to know what it stands for.
It was a sweltering hot morning and it did not help that some girls wanted to dress up
like it was a night out or a date to a fancy restaurant.

I know you are there for your boyfriend and all but the gold necklace and matching earrings were unnecessary.
I was dressed in a breezy shirt paired with fitting pants of a darker shade than my shirt.
And of course, my trusty gladiator shoes from New Look.
Since it was hot, I got out my mum’s vintage glasses and my big Billabong bag that I whined to my mum
to get it for me while we were in Bali (I paid her back, okay)

Tammy spent the night out so that explains her sunnies and her desire to eat and chew
other people’s head when she got hungry, lol!
Atikah went with Wei rong’s brother, Wei Hao and his folks whereas I waited for Sha to come.
Sakinah and Yan Han were there for Jit for we managed to meet everyone except for Denzel.

I think he’s in Ninja.
But no one saw him since the last meeting in April or something.
All the boys are off for an all-boys holiday (:
so gay, so gay….

I had to take a shower afterwards because I was afraid the smell stayed.
And I’ll be there again next January^^

note to self: bring facemask & deodarant


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