The New Paper New Face 2011

7 Oct

I attended the New Paper New Face 2011 yesterday to support Atikah who is 5th from the right.
There were quite a number of attendance, plus people on the 2nd floor overlooking the event.

It started with a dance by half-naked blond-dyed haired men followed by FOUR HOST.
Seriously, a tad too much. But they happened to do acapella to fill up the gaps.
The 20 finalists strutted out in Autumn/Winter Collection which looks very pretty.
They were judge for their looks, physical attributes and catwalk.

After which was another dance by kids plus one dude that looks out of place but I am taking a wild guess
he is the dance instructor for them.
A series of male models walked out and made Tammy into a frenzy screaming fan.
After which the finalists strutted out in yet another series of clothing.
I do wish the male models had accompanied each girl to the front to look more professional and fun
instead of making them sit on the ledge and look like statues.
Damn, they could save money by getting mannequins instead.

The male dancers changed from red to black and they were doing a tribal-ish number with fans.
The evening wears then came out in black.
But, some of the unfortunate ones had to don the ear muffs and hats which
ruins the hair and hides the face.

While the judges  were deciding, the acapella hosts were singing westlife, one republic and katy perry.

I really really did wish Atikah could have won Miss Radiance or the Catwalk.
Jamie won not one, not two but clinches three awards at one shot.
I was not surprise Amanda got Ms Popularity due the number of supporters she had alone was enormous.

I was still craving for Orange Julius Orange Juice.
Yes, even moments like this, my stomach still manages to fill itself.


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