listen to me.

3 Oct

So there I was soaking up the last bits of sun rays before the wind makes it all cold.
It makes you want to go home, snuggle up and watch teevee.
It makes my soul warm and calm, my heart heavy with gold.
It makes me smile, my head giddy with glee.

I knew that happiness was temporary.
For reality awaits, 8 hours away.
Nothing else could improve my sanity.
Except knowing there were people waiting for me.

I am always overcome with jealousy.
Watching those women in blue,green and red.
Flying to exotic places, be it the pyramids or near galaxy.
Whereas I am where I am, enough has been said.

I cannot change the way I am, but that is not the end of my dreams.
So what if I am not those chosen few?
I can still be a shaker and mover of this country, as I would’ve screamed
For I am not perfect, try being in my shoe.

Don’t you dare judge me
Because I do possess the courage.
But really, do you not see?
That what you have said makes my heart goes into a wreckage?

Women are different.
What you say and do inevitably will stay in her mind.
Eating her soul, making her heart break in an instant.
How could you possibly be so blind?

I cannot say this in front of you for I do not wish to.
I merely seek your understanding in my part.
And I really hope you do.


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