23 Sep

I found max brenner at broadbeach, gold coast australia. thank you thank you.

Johnny English Reborn was a funny movie.
What wasn’t funny was missing the first 10 minutes because the petty couple in front wanted to use his nebo card and therefore held the line. I learnt patience and friendliness in Aussie just to regain the irksomeness of a Singaporean in less than 24hours.

If I could move this country away from the equator, I would. The weather in Aussie was beautiful. It really was like being in an air-conditioned outdoors with the sun shining to warm you up just right. A hot cup of tea or coffee would just be enough to hold and take a walk. I miss it. I miss the nice friendly faces that ask how your day was and give a sincere smile. I miss smiling and not be receiving weird looks. I miss the accent. I miss speaking perfect English there. I miss the fact that they close their shops as early as five so that they can go home to their loved ones – this one makes me hate how they make us work here.

I miss the loved ones here more and that’s why I was happy to see them. I took what I learnt from there, which was basically talking and sharing a little and I learnt there are three cats, not two, that resides in Dulcefig, a small shop in Arab Street. I learnt to appreciate green things, such as grass and trees because they provided the much needed shelter from the heat.



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