17 Sep


After saying goodbye to the folks and the boyfriend, we headed off to our gate and waited to enter. It was bloody annoying to take out all the electronic items and then put it back. Ours was a three-seater and I really did pray that no one would actually have to sit beside us and I was right. However, there was a pervert behind us that kept trying to call and talk to us. Disgusting. The food was good. The crew was nice, except when she accidentally drop everything in the trolley. Ouch. We saw the family the moment we got out and it was hella cold outside. I appreciate it, my body was not accustomed to it. It was an hour drive to the house and I saw quite a number of long winding roads. We slept and only woke up in the afternoon to find that the uncle made scrambled eggs and toast. Headed out to West Field Mall where Stephanie, one of the cousins, worked and afterwards to Surfer’s Paradise and later to the place where the uncle works which was Rockpool Cafe. I drove an Auto Car for the first time and no wonder people said it was a foolproof idiot car, auto’s easy. Thank you Daddy for making me take manual. Ain dyed her hair and we had chicken and mash followed by an eventful sleep.


Woke up in the bloody afternoon, all groggy with lints in our hair, had breakfast before driving to Tambourine Mountain which was really far and really high up. Bought stuff for mum and drove to Carrara Market which is not even open! It’s only open on Weekends 😦
Had sushi for dinner with avocado fillings. Awesome, really. Went to the market near Surfer’s Paradise, got a tattoo of a bird on my back. it’s gone now.


day three sucks ball. except for pizza and ice-cream. The ice-cream truck came and I paid $10 for a box of 6 of the picture above. but it really sucks ball. except for taking a walk at night and then getting lost. I enjoyed taking in the air though. but such a waste. WASTE.


Gillian sent us to the bus stop to take a bus to Surfer’s Paradise. Bus 709. We didn’t had to pay because the ticket box broke down so yay! And we walked around the place, there was a lot of sales, quite a number of japanese/korean/chinese restaurants. I was quite surprised that Starbucks was not well received there. They did have macaroons and a yoyo cake which was really cute.



MOVIEWORLD. Some changes to the theme park since I was last there. I really wished we’ve gone to Wet n Wild instead if someone did not had her pms or Dreamworld if someone was not a pussy. I’m sorry babe, but it’s true. It was sunny and the bus number was 729. Went through Scooby-Doo ride twice and the water ride once. Bought Batman and Superman towels and oh yeah, Flash was fat. eeee.


Last Day in Gold Coast and we called for the bus to take us to the bus stop and took another bus to the beach. It took about 40minutes, bloody long but I manage to get a tan(: and the waves were simply WONDERFUL (: i really did not want to leave. Imagine swimming in the open sea and you can see the deep waters…. Last minute shopping before heading home. We had dinner at sushi train with the whole family and ice-cream at cold rocks before watching NCSI. It was an hour drive to the airport. Poor thing was crying because she did not want to leave her family. At least she got to see them, that’s the most important part. although she wants to be in bali….ohmygod woman…..


The plane ride home was alright. The howling of the three-year old was just a cherry on top of an ice-cream. The snack was blah and chicken was even more blah. Thank goodness for the Starbucks breakfast with mum, eldest and boyfriend. I bought a perfume for myself at DFS and chocolates for them.


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