3 Sep

This is how my cat looks like when he smells something interesting. HE IS BLONDE 😀

oh i couldn’t be happier. My raya days is short lived. 3 houses and we are done. I wished the whole week was off but today was good(:
Good news, two of my cousins are getting married next year!! All the young ones are grown up, working and marrying *flick tear*

Its weird looking at a black&white picture of us when we were around 5-15 years old (idk where it is and not finding it because i looked all wrong with my curls back then) and now when we are all grown up.

It was nice of dad to let me park the car so he can relax and chitchat with the uncles. I had to do parking a few times and my eldest found me and he only parked once while smoking but I manage to follow him out when we pick up the folks.

And I saw the advertisement for Audi A6. I think I melted.
And I enjoy watching Desperate Housewives. There is something about how these women are in their mid-40s and still manage to look hot.


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