29 Aug

Are you aww-ing at the puppy?
That’s Lilo, Leeyen’s toy poodle 😀
We visited her on a Saturday and she’s so adorable. Imagine a furry ball that constantly wags and moves around and licks you everywhere! She wore my cardigan and look, she’s smiling!!

LY’s dad brought her out and we were sad when we couldn’t find her so she called and ask her dad to bring the puppy back and hence, we sat on the floor and paint our nails while waiting for Lilo. And when we saw her, we screamed. I’m pretty sure the dad is like, “ahh, girls”

I was having flu that day and she managed to cure it. And then it came back as I was going home. Darn you, weather!


This was on Friday 😀
If you ask me to recall what I did for the past week, I really cannot recall much. I know I took half day on Wednesday because of nausea attack and dry vomit. Case of not drinking enough.  Thursday I got better after indulging in pills and sleep.

I got my baju raya that week too. Blue top which can also be worn on normal days. I will take a picture with makeup and nice hair and show it to you yeah? (: But for raya I would be pairing it with pink bottoms and my new heels! My bf got dark navy blue which represents the colour when you swim all the way to the bottom of the ocean. He took 15-20mins and I took two days to find mine. Next time, we’re going pink. I saw a hell loads of pretty pastel and pinks, then I would surely take 10mins to get mine, haha.

Maybe I can wear it as mod theme for Sakinah’s birthday on the 10th! So excited! Pair it with earrings and matching heels/boots. Hmm, might wanna find cool sunglasses.Or maybe I wear baju kebaya? Idk :/

Anyways, Friday my bf treated me to Carousel at Royal Plaza at Scotts (:
It was a great spread and I figured out how to use the coffee machine. I really think the main attraction was the dessert table which has an array of cakes, ice-cream, chocolate fountain and bread pudding/apple crumble etc.

After petting our big belly, we headed home via cab. The hotel has two lines for waiting for cabs. One for hotel guests and the other for public. There was a tussle when a china lady( I am not stereotyping, it really was a china lady) wanted the cab when it was actually meant for us and she started swearing in her native tongue and we quickly went inside the cab to see the bewildered cab driver.

ahh, well. This is life.

Guess what? ESOK RAYAAAA!!
I don’t know why I am sort of excited. I won’t be receiving much (I am actually giving! – to my nephews) and it makes me want to change my race but it means (going to be a lil bimbo here) we are going to wear pretty clothes, eat food and visit people! Ramadhan, this year, tested most of us because I think a majority of us fell sick and still manage to go through fasting. I am going to miss it, definitely but there will always be next year.

Just look at how much each and everyone on of us have achieve so far. I know I am proud of myself because I have a diploma, working for my own trip, have a license and of course, loving family and friends + bf (:

Alhamdulilah, thank you God.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone! (:


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