20 Aug

I hate it when I cannot sign in with my computer. What’s wrong with my computer? grr.
And I am constantly hungry as of now. I want food, I need food.
I manage to waste a perfectly good saturday doing absolutely nothing but watch Family Guy all day.
But I just love Stewie. There are times when I do wish I could kill Peter Griffin though but he makes the show funny.
I stopped watching HIMYM and contemplating whether I should delete all the episodes and wait till they find who the actual mother is and finally watch it all over again. Watching their new episodes makes me wince at their desperate attempts to try and be funny. Seriously guys, just end it already. There is no way you can make 10 years of good shows. You ain’t Friends.

As of now, I hate vanity desk. They are a colossal waste of space. My mother managed to turn a bachelor room into some threshold. I love that woman, I really do but I really wish she shared the same view as the rest of us on SPACE. Did you know she almost went ballistic when she found out I threw an old drawer that was probably 16 years old. If it was made of wood, I would say it was an antique, but dear god, it’s made of plastic!! And I hate carpets. My cat pees on them. It’s already 30 degrees in sunny singapore, there is no need to add a carpet. I much prefer marble flooring.

But I do love my new bed. NO MORE CLIMBING. NO MORE WEIRD CREAKING SOUND WHENEVER I MOVE. NO MORE BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST THE CEILING. NO MORE OVERLOOKING THE WINDOW TO SEE PEOPLE WALKING. I can actually wake up to blue skies, birds chirping ( they do get on my nerves sometimes and thank goodness for the cat that would start hissing at them) and warm sunlight streaming into the room as the curtain sways against the wind. TOTAL. BLISS. And of course, the bundle of furry joy that would sleep at the edge of the bed.

For 10 years I had to endure that damn bed and I am so very happy of finally, FINALLY, being able to get rid of it. There is a storage space underneath so one space would be for bags and the other is for personal things(:

I am hungry, dammit. I LOVE kek gulung pelangi. Its those rolled cakes with pretty rainbow colours in the middle with cream. When I was younger, I would go to houses with mum for raya and look at their selection of cakes and when I see that cake, I would go straight to it and eat it đŸ˜€

Time flies and I would still have to pay back 6 days of fasting.


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