dream big

14 Aug

I believe everything happens for a reason.
I believe I meet different sorts of people throughout my life because they’ll teach me something valuable. Something I cannot possibly get it from books, online or just simply watching. I needed to interact, mingle and maybe develop a certain type of friendship. Some may leave, some stays on, some might even become lovers and then develop the awkwardness when broken up, some loses touch and some we can’t even remember the names and faces.

I believe that we are all here on this earth for something. Some might say because God wants to test us, some might way we need to prove that we are capable of thinking, taking care of ourselves and some just don’t find the benefit of living. When I was younger, I used to dream of falling and my body would jerk and I would wake up in cold sweat. I didn’t like that particularly and I would stay awake until sleep overtakes me.

I believe that as the youngest, I was easily pampered and cherished. But I was also not allowed to do things my brothers could easily get away with. I realised, however, as I grew older, it got a little easier. I was stronger, faster and definitely quick-witted. I lack the authority and I made it up by earning my own money. There is a lot of give and take and we’re only merely pawns here.

The rest still awaits


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