california king bed

31 Jul

The california king bed is a nice song and i enjoy listening to it while doing my work.

And I kinda love my work. I mean put aside the loneliness and no windows and raining in the office, my boss is nice to me, generally i only met two other people in the team (there are 28 others) and they’re friendly and bubbly and no hints of office bitching, politics and having cliques. Basically one happy family. If i needed to make comparison with the last two jobs I had, I’m quite close to second on best job in singapore. not world, just this teeny weeny island.

I put happiness before money and if i was waiting for the clock to strike 6pm so I could rush out before wanting to punch that faggot (there was/god i hope he dies of gonorrhoea/still is one when i was interning)

so till i get into a university by next year, that’s where i’ll be, for now.

tomorrow is the start of fasting month and i’m kind of glad. I just spent 70 bucks on a dress. It is an adorable little number in turquoise with white patterns on it and I just love how light and twirly it is. Plus its nice enough for all occasion. And since we’re fasting, it gives me time to save up since I’m going to Brisbane, Australia!! this Sept 14th (:

for the FIRST TIME alone with a girl friend 😀 (malaysia ain’t counted)
i wished so badly that i could do it with my significant other but too many annoying things stacked up against that idea itself.  but i will forever say to myself that religion will trump over any needs/desire that is within us. inshallah, when the future comes, i will get to do this with my husband and it will be even better because, hey, it’s your husband. it’s not some guy you went overseas with. it’ll meant so much more. and we’ll do all the planning, the scouring for best places to eat, sleep and take pictures of.

i kinda stopped reading other people’s blog. the kinds that i wished i was and just start sharing here. why lived those dreams when you can make your own.  why feel bad about yourself when you should be happy and build the self-esteem. i was attending the MendakiClub talk at Marina Mandarin Hotel (yes, i got lost) and it was nice hearing the minister, Dr Yaakob Ibrahim and the other panelists such as Anisa Hassan, owner of Its Just Lunch, Correen Ang, Career consultant of NUS as well as Sharon, mediacorp artist, talk about their lives and I kinda zoned out about the community part but when i was in religious class, community was part and parcel of what keeps the muslim strong and together.

what society (plus the stupid press) here have written/told us is that malay muslim are unable to dream big. but here you have these very people that made it, and made it big and inside the ballroom was about 100 youths that wants to prove the outside world wrong as well.  we had poly as well as various university graduates asking questions and these panelists manage to give answers that were both satisfying and insightful. i was glad to be there. i mean apart from the great food (the sushi bar was great!) the speakers were eloquent and really wanted to make a difference.

so, i would like to live my life the way i meant to and asked myself, 40 years from now,

“what is the measure o


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