18 Jul

everyone is afraid of something.

bugs. spiders. darkness. death. heights. water. vegetables. cotton. apocalypse. loss of someone close to you. nuts. being fat. not being accepted. not being loved. not being good enough. future. past. present.

I’m afraid of a lot of things actually. I’m afraid of getting hit while driving. I’m afraid of saying the wrong things to the people I loved the most, hurting them. I’m afraid of not knowing how I would turn out to be in a few years time. I’m afraid I won’t get married or have kids or be able to be a good wife and mother to them. I’m afraid of being alone in the dark because my mind starts playing tricks on me. I’m afraid of eating nuts and eating too much because I don’t like to be stout and fat. I’m afraid that my cat will never grow his fur because he keeps chewing his skin. I’m afraid I can never get close to God.

But I rather enjoy my day than to imagine what life must be to be afraid of these things.

For I am only human.


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