13 Jul

I love being the middle of attention (well, you only get it once a year) and the anticipation, the surprise and yes, the presents.

I think it was ingrained in my family ever since I was born and therefore birthdays are always the days when you get to be the king of the day. I remembered one birthday where my mum actually gotten me a really pretty velvety light blue dress for the birthday celebration. I would parade around, my brothers would magically disappear and relatives start pouring in.

But as you grow older, it gets more lavish but nothing as lavish as those brats on my sweet sixteenth birthday. Okay those parents could have given the money to teen moms season 2 ( I really need to stop watching mtv)

But material talks aside, birthdays are also the days you thank God for letting you live and grow a year older, wiser and hopefully in a much better place than you were a year ago. A year would pass by quite quickly, unless of course you spent your whole year doing absolutely nothing productive when you could have been volunteering at some non-profit organization or something (eg I would prolly be at spca or tutoring kids for free) I love watching my nephews grow personally. To imagine someone so small and suddenly you have him or her running around the house and then off to school and etcetra etcetra. I can somehow relate how clingy mothers would feel.

I do know some people who hates birthdays because it means they grow a year older and the older you get, the more senile you are. Kidding!

I was a bookstore and I saw a book called 170 ways to seize the moment by Patrick Lindsay and one of them was:

Remember as a child how happy you were just splashing in a puddle… how time stopped when you were lost in your imagination… how deeply connected you felt in your mother’s warm embrace? You don’t have to feel tired and disconnected. You can recapture that child-like spark. What are you waiting for? The time is now.


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