Thoughts to Anis

10 Jul

This is actually the first time I’m hearing about him and he had evoke so much emotions in that poem itself that it made a great impact on me to actually search for him and go through it verse by verse.

He did appear to be a little dark but he spoke the truth about what the world make us think, how it has affected our judgments and the nature of our lives affected by the society. He spoke about the boy, Quentin and how his innocence would be robbed from him. How the world hates his eyes for which they are simple and pure. Look around you. How can we prevent them from these harsh realities? We can only prevent until they have learnt, until we cannot keep them from it anymore. It is a mad world out there.

We lived to work and work to lived until we forget the true meaning of living. We grew up too fast and we want to change so much, we want to be the change we want to see in this world but how can we when Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber is the role models that we looked up to now?

But if we dare to dream and hope and overcome fears, I think it is possible for us to continue living those childhood dreams we always have had deep within us.


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