Boys and Girls

7 Jul


I love my nails. Please take a moment to look at them and wonder with sheer amazement how they can be so unique and pretty.

Okay here’s the difference between boys and girls once you get over the physical attributes.
We women like pretty things. Things that glitter and shines and sparkles. We love to chatter and we bond talking about diets and makeups (although I was a little lost when they start discussing which meal is healthier) We idle and sometimes take a little longer to get ready but its really because we want to put in a lot of effort for you guys. We care too much and over think too much and we flare up over the littlest things and we can get a little too difficult and demanding. But hey, we are still God’s gift in making babies, haha.

You guys, well, you like sports and wrestling and fishing and cycling. Some like video games and photography and enjoy the tedious work of figuring out car engines and the insides of a motherboard. You guys like to keep things to yourself, not sharing personal stuff with your mates but rather with us women because we will listen and talk it out. I personally think your mates will just find it weird if you start pouring your heart out. You guys can get pretty emotional when your team loses or when you have to deflate your ego or pride a little. But we love you irregardless.

Tell you a little secret about us women, we find it endearing when you get a little protective and territorial when you find other males looking at us and pull us closer to you. I think it goes back all the way to ancient times when men fight for their fair ladies except in modern ages things have changed a little but at least the chivalry stayed on (;


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