license to drive

4 Jul

Most kids who are keen on driving would think getting the driving license as the rite of passage to adulthood. or at least to independence and the ability to drive to your heart’s content.

IMHO (in my honest opinion), I wanted the skill and of course, the pressure of being the last one in the family to not have the license only push me further to attain that goal.

They say that when you fail, you fail big and that would have explained whopping 72 points on my first test. I assure you it was nothing to be proud of. When my brother call, I actually cried and made the taxi driver awkward. So I did the wisest thing anyone would have done. Changed the instructor and drove.

The drive to Malacca was good. The best time to learn driving like a freshly raw cut diamond is to drive on the highway with loads of big buses and cars driving at 1ookm/h and more.  I love the wind, the whooshing of the cars that passes by me and egging my adrenaline to pick up pace eventhough I can feel my dad’s eye on the speed meter. I love the songs that was playing on my itouch because they kept me awake and energetic and happy. I love to learn a little bit about the engine although we all know I would eventually just call my dad to help me. I love changing the gears and ramming the oil and filling up the tank and hoping my hair wouldn’t smell and parking nicely in just one turn.

So, yes I love the drive (: and that picture above is my pdl or something like that which I have no use anymore 😀


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